A short conversation between Pessimist, Optimist and Realist.

A short story:

Pessimist: I can’t do it. I am so sad.. I was so hurt and I feel so lonely..

Optimist: I’m sure you can do it! I know that some things don’t happen the way you want you to, but on the brighter side, you earn wisdom and you seek the truth. You grow as a person, you gain friends and you are loved! Just always have a positive mind and smile!

Realist: Yeah. Why don’t you listen to Optimist? According to the British Journal of General Practice (2012), the habit strength, also called the subjective automaticity of the behaviour, shows a significant increase and accelaration of habit-formation until the average of 66 days before it reaches the plateau. A person can make or break a habit by performing a behaviour repeatedly for 66 days which will promote long-term behaviour change.

I am worth the chase

I once thought love was easy as one-two-three. Popular culture dictates that if you want a man, you gotta plan. Gone are the days when guys would do everything just to prove to you that you are worth the world to them. Today, all it takes is a simple “I luv u ;)” over chat or text for them to get your sweet “Yes!”
Sad to say, some boys will take you for granted. They think they can have us easily or that there is no problem with juggling two or more girls at a time.
While the blame falls on them, it’s also partly our fault. 

Some girls are content with allowing boys to go through the easy way. Of course, how can you say no when your crush finally notices you? How can you deny love’s knock on the door, even if he’s not just knocking at yours? We allow them to enter our lives so easily. We think that if we make things hard, he’ll go away and see someone else. And we don’t want that.

But girl, know this: you are worth it.

As David wrote on Psalm 139, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Lord made the intricate parts of our bodies and emotions. It’s enough to prove that girl, you are no ordinary piece of work. You are a wonderful masterpiece.

With that in mind, isn’t it only right for a guy to pursue you the right way?

Don’t be like me. I had to learn the hard way. But despite the pain, I realized that the right guy shouldn’t be a playboy or the first boy who says “I love you!” The right man isn’t one who just stays for the little blunders but doesn’t know how to handle storms. He’s not one who stays sweet now and breaks your heart later.


The right guy won’t settle for the easy path. He works hard he knows you are a master piece. He will respect you, your body, and your demands. He doesn’t just use his feelings; he thinks with his brain. The right man will not look at other women for comfort; he will prove to you that you are enough.
Girl, never think that you’re not worth the chase. If a man really loves you, he will do what is right. Even if things don’t seem to agree his way, he will use his brains and be ready to face whatever comes his way.
Don’t be afraid to raise your standards. Never stoop down to their level just to get their attention. If a guy easily gives up, then he is not worth it. But worry not, be confident that the Lord has you. Just be sure to obey His word and the people around you.
When a guy works hard for you, he will definitely value you more. Because he poured all blood, tears, and sweat, it’s enough proof that he really wants to win you over.
Believe me when I say you are worth the chase. Don’t be rash; for now, enjoy the company of those you hold dear. Live life to the fullest. Eventually, the right person will come. All you have to do is trust and believe.

You’ll see.

A woman’s choice

Abortion. I don’t understand why people believe that it must be a right of every woman. It’s a woman’s body and she has to have the choice. Oh what a selfish world we live in right now. Every woman has a choice, but did the unborn baby had a choice? If he or she can live or not live in this world?


And you thought that it would never stop raining, you always look down or straight ahead when walking, but when you just simply stop for a moment and stare up in the dark sky, an arch of colors was already formed, refracting the sunlight the sun bestows.
(Taken with Iphone 6) 

Photo Challenge: Shine