A short conversation between Pessimist, Optimist and Realist.

A short story:

Pessimist: I can’t do it. I am so sad.. I was so hurt and I feel so lonely..

Optimist: I’m sure you can do it! I know that some things don’t happen the way you want you to, but on the brighter side, you earn wisdom and you seek the truth. You grow as a person, you gain friends and you are loved! Just always have a positive mind and smile!

Realist: Yeah. Why don’t you listen to Optimist? According to the British Journal of General Practice (2012), the habit strength, also called the subjective automaticity of the behaviour, shows a significant increase and accelaration of habit-formation until the average of 66 days before it reaches the plateau. A person can make or break a habit by performing a behaviour repeatedly for 66 days which will promote long-term behaviour change. Just try to always think positively for the next 66 days 😄


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